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Corrugated Products

What are Corrugated Products?

Corrugated board is manufactured using two materials: corrugating medium and linerboard. Corrugating medium forms the corrugated layer of the board, while the linerboard is used for the two outer layers.

Corrugated Boxes

Boîtes de carton ondulé Cascades Containerboard Packaging offers a wide range of papers that allows us to create a multitude of combinations to obtain the desired type of corrugated product. Cascades Containerboard Packaging manufactures made-to-measure single, double and triple wall products to meet the specific needs of each customer and project.

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Impactful retail solutions

Boîtes de carton ondulé Strong packaging has the power to pull you in. It’s the only thing standing between you and what’s inside, so it needs to be impactful and creative in order to grab your attention and get its point across. For Cascades, the branding and retail solutions we create for you are not out to tell a story — they’re out to send a message. IMGN all the possibilities.

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Moving Boxes

Boîtes de carton ondulé Using the best materials when manufacturing moving boxes guarantees maximum resistance to lateral impacts and vertical loads, which reduces the risk of damage to stacked boxes.

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POS & Displays

Boîtes de carton ondulé When it comes to making a sale, every touchpoint counts. Your product presentation must be suited to whatever sales environment you’re in, whether the product is for everyday consumption or something more specialized. Our point-of-sale displays are designed to attract and connect with customers to help your brand get noticed in highly competitive retail environments. IMGN the lasting impressions you’ll leave

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Waterproof Coated Boxes

Boîte revêtement hydrofuge Whether you need to transport, protect or promote meat, fish, seafood, or fruits and vegetables, or display your products at the point of purchase, Cascades Containerboard Packaging can provide the ideal box for your needs.

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Packaging and Protective Material

Emballage de protectionCascades Containerboard Packaging focuses its know-how on designing innovative impact-resistant solutions for protecting delicate products from static discharge, impacts and vibrations that may occur during transportation, handling and storage.

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