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Corrugated Boxes


Four Types of Boxes

Cascades Containerboard Packaging offers a wide range of papers that allows us to create a multitude of combinations to obtain the desired type of corrugated product. Cascades Containerboard Packaging manufactures made-to-measure single, double and triple wall products to meet the specific needs of each customer and project.

Regular Box

The regular box is a basic type of corrugated box, printed in flexography without the help of cutting die cuts. This simple box is destined for packaging that does not require cutting details. The regular box can be printed in up to 6 colours and is available in several formats and with many resistance levels.

Die Cut Box

The die cut box is manufactured with rotary or flat die cuts. This box is mostly used to package products that require a more complex design. Cascades Containerboard Packaging can manufacture and/or obtain flat or rotary die cuts, depending on the model specifications of the chosen box. The die cut box can also be printed in up to 6 colours.

Pre-print Box

The pre-print box is a corrugated box on which the linerboard is already printed when it is assembled into corrugated sheets. This type of box must be manufactured in large quantities and is perfect for packages that require a great visual impact.

Bulk Box

When the size of the product exceeds the format of a regular box, Cascades Containerboard Packaging has the ability to produce a very large box, depending on the usage and your specific needs.



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