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What is Containerboard?

The term « containerboard » refers to the two unconverted materials that are used to manufacture corrugated boxes: linerboard and corrugating medium.

Cascades Containerboard Packaging manufactures a complete line of containerboards in a variety of basis weights (thicknesses) and compositions (virgin or recycled fibres). This wide range of papers can be assembled in a multitude of combinations to obtain the exact type of corrugated product that meets your specific needs.

Corrugating Medium

The corrugating medium makes up the inner layer of the corrugated board, which gives it the strength to resist vertical loads.

This paper is offered in two varieties:

100% recycled medium (post consumer and/or post industrial recycled fibre)

SCM medium (partially made of recycled fibres and virgin fibres)


Linerboard is thick, rigid paper that is used to form the external faces of corrugated products and provide resistance to vertical loads.

Linerboard is offered in two lines:

Kraft linerboard (virgin fibre)

Natural brown or recycled white linerboard (recycled fibre)

As with the corrugating medium, linerboard qualities may vary depending on the desired use. These papers are also available in a range of thicknesses categorized by basis weights. The type of linerboard is chosen in accordance with the desired surface smoothness or final degree of rigidity.

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